WTT: Wtt or Wts WoW EU account 1 year gametime for NEtherwinter.

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    Hey guys below is my account I want to sell or trade,

    Willing to sell my WoW account,

    Has a level 90 monk 505 ilvl PvE and has full PvP gear with both Tier 2 weps and 3 bits of Tyranical. Maxed Engineering and Leather Working. Legendary Gem aquired and stage 2 only needs 1000 vp more thats just 1 reset. Monk has 9/9 challenge modes and has the full set of Transmog and the Mount.

    Level 90 Warrior 496 PvE Legendary gem aquired also has PvP gear half Malv rest crafted Dread.

    Level 90 Warlock 504 ilvl PvE and full PvP gear with both Tier 2 weps and 2 bits of Tyranical (Monk and Lock have been capped on Conquest since the start of the season) Max Enchanting and Engineering

    Level 90 DK legendary gem aquired 489 ilvl. Max Jewelcrafting and Inscription

    Level 90 Druid 480 ilvl Max Alchemy and Jewelcrafting

    Varios alts a level 88 Pally, 85 Rogue, 85 Shaman and an 82 Mage and finally a 82 hunter (note all these alts except the paly have full proffesions)

    Comes with many feats of strength and pre nerf raid achievements such as Heart of Fear ahead of the time Heroic Feat of Strength and so on.

    Has a lot of mounts and has some unobtainable mounts and also some recruit a friend mounts such as the zevra and TOC raid mount which you got from not dying in a raid reset no longer available. Account is in good standing.

    Account has 1 year of game time left and runs out on 8/04/2014 I am the original owner and the account has been active since the release of WoW all those years ago. Has other accounts merged into it which contain really old school toons not touched since Vanilla, warrior, priest with staff quest done a rogue and a few others as I say these ones are as old school as you can get and as such include the old unobtainable non armor epic mounts. Each toon has loads of diffrent transmog sets and old school weapon transmogs in the banks. Gold on the account has been given away to friends.

    I am not interested in anything else other than selling for cash or Netherwinter Gaurdian of Netherwinter,Hero of the North Founder.starter kit account must have mininum of the Gaurdian and Founder (200 plus the 60 pack),

    You can PM me offers or reply in this thread.

    P.S Also has a level 60 Barb and WD on Diablo 3 although the game is no longer attached the characters are still there if you wish to add the game again.

    Just to summerize intrested only in cash or Netherwinter Founder,Gaurdian and Startpack account mininum is Hero of the NOrth and Gaurdian of Netherwinter packs together.
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