WTT: WTT My BC-Mist WoW acct/RS pure acct for eve pvp acct/isk

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    both the wow and RS have active membership right now (3/9/13) i think both of them have 27 days i wont sell both accounts for just ISK (period) i want a good combat pilot out of it (pvp). with that said lets link a couple pics of the RS account first, as you can see the account is mainly set up skill wise for pking just needs 2 mage lvls and finish up on strength to be completed as i had set my sights to that is. lots n lots of quests done, 180M cash on it ect. and now for the WoW this one will take more explaining because it has much much more put into it in many ways. as the pics show i have a 90 druid 85 mage 81 rogue and a pretty bank toon, banktoon worth (upgraded bags ect) = 11000g mages total value = 2500g (full pvp and pve 85 gear) druids total gold 30,000g value... lets go down the list the druids been around since early BC has many achieves with pretty dates showing things were done then it has the sandstone drake = 50,000g the bike = 20,000g and much more (pets mounts the works) flasks food all that left right on it raid and pvp ready i have the druid set up as a blast everything type with a easy to learn macro to blow ppl up insanely fast its in full Mal (just turned into the honor gear sadly but still good) and has a full upgraded and legend gem ed weapon the works email me at clivengood999com with offers or questions remember looking for a good eve pvp pilot and or isk's good pilot means 20M sp +able to fly BC's at optimal pirate ships faction ships the works - - - Updated - - - rs ://i34.photobucket/albums/d1...ps7359635f.png ://i34.photobucket/albums/d1...ps25d51535.png wow ://i34.photobucket/albums/d1...ps59ff4a5a.png ://i34.photobucket/albums/d1...psd0d9f7f1.png - - - Updated - - - or just post on here with offers/questions of course
Thread Status:
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