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    Hello user's im there because i want to trade my rift/lol/wow account for an Rift or EVE or WOW or GW2 good account because i want focus on one of these games lets go into details... Rift Account: SL - Infinite Edition with 227days left (1year sub cost 100€ i dont expect the same but need look at this) A lvl50 Cleric Female Eth - Icewatch Shard Gear nice to leveling nothing special, its a nice toon to start. Account have all exp, and come with 227 days left Now details of my league of legends account: EUwest, lvl30 with 62 champs, 11 skins, 4 rune tabs (full AD/AP/jungle role runes), and few icons... never got ban/suspended. The list of Skins: Cassiopeia Ahri Jarvan IV Chogath Akali Kennen Vi Nocturne Olaf XinZhao World of Warcraft Account: PRIEST Level:90 realm:Ragnaros-EU Faction:Horde Race:Undead Male Professions: Herb/Minning MAX mount: Epic Fly (heart of aspects) Hunter Level: 87 realm: Ragnaros-EU faction: Horde race: Troll Female profs: none mount: epic ground + normal fly this account have Diablo3 with a 60 monk 90k+ dps and an 60 CM wizard farm MP10 and got 29+Million gold. What im looking for: (one of these) An EVE online account with good skills nice to minning or do some PVP like Pirate try steal things from players blabla something nice and enjoyable. Before adding me in please post here : defs.kaus I'm OO of all accounts also only trade with rep people, if people got more rep then me i go first, i have all accounts details listed here and expect the same from you. Cumps and have a nice day guys sorry for this wall of text. - - - Updated - - - bump looking for an nice start EVE account :) - - - Updated - - - looking for a nice starter account to play with my brother
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