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    Hey there folks, Just want to put out an offer for my league of legends account for an eve character. Details... Pictures of runes here: League acct - Imgur (Photos are outdated... contact me for updated champion info) Nickname: Will be revealed after youpurchase the account. IP: 10000 RP: ~200 Nearly 500 games played in ranked last season, silver border, with S1 play as well. Uncountable Dominion/Normal games. Champions owned: 103 Champions NOT owned: 2 (Syndra + Rengar) Total Skins Owned: 155 Retired Skins Owned: 23 Legendary Skins Owned: 6 Rare Skins Owned: 10 Dynasty Ahri Midnight Ahri Foxfire Ahri Stinger Akali Silverfang Akali Longhorn Alistar Unchained Alistar Infernal Alistar Pharoah Amumu (RETIRED) Little Knight Amumu Sad Robot Amumu Hextech Anivia Goth Annie (Rare) FrankenTibbers Annie (Rare: Halloween2011 Skin) Woad Ashe Queen Ashe Amethyst Ashe Piltover Customs Blitzcrank (Legendary) Definitely Not Blitzcrank (Rare:Halloween 2011 Skin) Cryocore Brand Sheriff Caitlyn (RETIRED) Safari Caitlyn (RETIRED) Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Officer Caitlyn Desperada Cassiopeia Siren Cassiopeia Mythic Cassiopeia Nightmare Cho'gath (RETIRED) Loch Ness Cho'Gath Jurassic Cho'gath Battlecast Prime Cho'gath (Legendary) Red Baron Corki (RETIRED Legendary) Lord Darius Mr. Mundoverse (RETIRED) Rageborn Mundo Shadow Evelynn Masquerade Evelynn (RETIRED) Nottingham Ezreal (RETIRED) Pulsefire Ezreal (Legendary) Surprise Party Fiddlesticks Royal Guard Fiora Nightraven Fiora Atlantean Fizz Fisherman Fizz Gatekeeper Galio (Legendary) Toy Soldier Gangplank (Rare: Christmas2011 Skin) Scuba Gragas (RETIRED) Gragas, Esquire Jailbreak Graves Snowmerdinger (Rare: Christmas 2011Skin) Infiltrator Irelia Frostblade Irelia Frost Queen Janna Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV Temple Jax Full Metal Jayce Sun Goddess Karma Statue of Karthus Pentakill Karthus High Command Katarina Battleborn Kayle Judgment Kayle (Rare: Must have playedduring season 1) Swamp Master Kennen (RETIRED) Arctic Ops Kennen Mecha Kha'zix Sonoran Kog'Maw (RETIRED) Jurassic Kog'Maw Mistletoe LeBlanc (Rare: Christmas 2011Skin) Traditional Lee Sin Dragon Fist Lee Sin Valkyrie Leona Defender Leona Iron Solari Leona Bittersweet Lulu Wicked Lulu Sorceress Lux Spellthief Lux Commando Lux Imperial Lux Shamrock Malphite (RETIRED) Obsidian Malphite Glacial Malphite Shadow Prince Malzahar (RETIRED) Overlord Malzahar Festive Maokai Road Warrior Miss Fortune Mafia Miss Fortune Lord Mordekaiser Sinful Succulence Morgana Riot K-9 Nasus (Rare: event skin) Abyssal Nautilus Subterranean Nautilus Bewitching Nidalee (Rare: Halloween2011 Skin) Void Nocturne Ravager Nocturne Haunting Nocturne (Rare: Halloween 2011Skin) Sasquatch Nunu (RETIRED) Brolaf!!! (Legendary) Gothic Orianna Bladecraft Orianna Full Metal Pantheon Battle Regalia Poppy Scarlet Hammer Poppy Chrome Rammus Freljord Rammus Ninja Rammus Bloodfury Renekton Rune Wars Renekton Redeemed Riven Crimson Elite Riven Battle Bunny Riven Rumble in the Jungle Professor Ryze (RETIRED) Sabretusk Sejuani Darkrider Sejuani Asylum Shaco Ironscale Shyvana Boneclaw Shyvana Darkflame Shyvana Hextech Sion (RETIRED) Warmonger Sion Spectacular Sivir (RETIRED) PAX Sivir (Rare: Penny Arcade Expogiveaway skin) Earthrune Skarner Guqin Sona Pentakill Sona Divine Soraka Tyrant Swain Emerald Taric (RETIRED) Bloodstone Taric Badger Teemo (RETIRED) Riot Girl Tristana Highland Tryndamere (RETIRED) Kingpin Twitch (RETIRED) Primal Udyr Giant Enemy Crabgot Butcher Urgot (RETIRED) Vindicator Vayne Aristocrat Vayne Dragonslayer Vayne Veigar Greybeard Full Machine Viktor Marquis Vladimir (RETIRED) Blood Lord Vladimir (Legendary) Thunder Lord Volibear Northern Storm Volibear Firefang Warwick Volcanic Wukong Battlecast Xerath Winged Hussar Xin Zhao Mad Scientist Ziggs Groovy Zilean Wildfire Zyra
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