WTT: WTT for a level 60 Gaurdian Fighter.

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    Hi guys,

    Selling TERA account (founders)

    Comes with a level 60 lancer (Baraka) ilevel of about 151 iirc also has nearly 10k gold and thousands of mats for crafting and selling. Premium membership means you get 10 keys unused and premium only perks such as the Travel Atlas and collectors edition mount etc etc. All bag slots unlocked and ofc full bank tabs rammed with loads of crystals weapon fodder scrolls and all that nice stuff.

    The server is EU Killian freshly transferred and has not been logged in since. Alt on the account has access to an old guild bank on Freya which is now dormant and you are free to take anything you want it is litrally full up with stuff.

    Trading for a level 60 with at least some gear and Mount Gaurdian Fighter.

    Original owner also.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.