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    Looking to do a nice, clean trade of my euro WoW account for a EvE account. Account details - : First off the account as never been in anyone elses hands, traded or bought. All information, contact details & all other relevant information is purely mine from when i created the account, years ago. All relevant & original information will be passed on during the trade. Characters - : 85 - Death Knight. 20+ Feats of Strength. 9k+ Achievement points. 30+ Titles. 40+ Exalted Reputations. 80+ Mounts, including Violet Proto Drake, Amani Battle Bear, NetherRay & Netherwing mounts, All RaF mounts including Spectral Gryphon, etc, etc. All Primary & Secondary proffesions maxed out. Including Archeology. Gear is a mix of the latest LFR raid & Latest normal 10man DS. The only let down being 2x tier 12 weapons. 85 - Priest. - Ready to raid latest tier. 85 - Paladin. - Same. 85 - Warrior. - Same. 80 - Mage. 80 - Paladin. I'm looking for a PvE char more than anything so any Mining/Industry or Ratting/Mission orientated setups will be better for me. I will look at all offers however. If your interested, please leave me a message with your offer &/or any questions regarding my WoW account. Cheers.
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