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    First The glory of the 3 accounts, is a Paladin - level 80 Blood elf Female. 6.1 - 6.2 k GEAR SCORE! Has been around from vanilla wow, 660-1059 achievements 7010 achievement score, With 100+ MOUNTS AND 100 + PETS! also completed. Exalted with All horde factions and 35 other factions together. 5 off another achievement - Has several Rare mounts - Amani War bear. - Fiery warhorses reins brew-fest headless horsemen's reins, and 100+ mounts ! With Rare red dragon hawk mount for getting 100 + mounts. Yes this toon also contains the mechno hog for any motorcycle fans. [/color] Several unique Titles on this Toon also. Gear is from 10.5 -3/5 and 10. Sanctified. ! Holy Total gear score from 6.1-6.2 k In bank Also has Prot Gear and Ret gear. This Toon has been around from the start of wow, It has seen all of wow up and its content up to this date. Has the slayer Title. What can i say you have pets mounts, great gear, Great holy paladin, Main tank healer, heroic raids. You won't be disappointed. For this account, i will only accept toons above 65 + Mil Skill points. And orientated around pvp. Will look at all Races doh!> Also on this Battlenet account is thats right 2/1 level 70 other level 80s.! + many alts. different account also connected to this battlenet account, which will be traded with this paladin as the other toons may be transfered to the pally account. Comes with 2 Epic Destro lock and DK. Also has a level 70 druid. Different Account Next a level 80 Warrior ! Orc - 5.8 GEAR SCORE! Amazing Fury warrior Great geared and Fully geared for pve DPS RAID.! Also Comes with Full relentless PVP GEAR ! MS spec. Has also arena Points saved to be spent!. Also has Epic tank gear. Comes with Shadows Edge and already on the quest to complete Shadowmourne the legendary sword. Amazing Fury warrior will always be near TOP DPS FOR RAIDS. Great Toon great fun All ready for 2v2 Arena or 3v3 or 5v5, will easily find a group for either. Another amazing Toon only the warrior on this account, and bank alt. Looking for 45+ Mil SP for this toon. My Third account or 4th not including the 2 connected to the the 1 battle net account is a Level 80 DRUID ! also horde. 5.0 K resto geared and 5.0 k PVP GEARED both resto, both epic geared. Resto pvp is for Arena spec. Duel spec, and Resto pve is for raid healing. Great toon had alot of fun. Looking for 30 Mil sp + Amazing Characters spent a lot of time and effort. Looking at all offer's Also ISK, Tell me which character or account interested in also. All epic Flying also, Duel spec all of them. Don't waste my time please, legit offers only. - looking at all races, however Gallenete / caldari - Preferred over Amarr / mim However will look at all 4, Toons to be specified in a field please not having random points in silly random mining. Thank you. Contact me on Denwarz_21@ - or AIM: Denis Sipos Also pst here with offers, and free bumps plz.
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