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    3 seperate accounts on 3 seperate games. If one sparks your interest throw me offers. Guild wars 2: 80 Guardian with full end game exotic gear with T3 skins. Legendary account ( The juggernaut -- hammer) Contents: Hammer value-- 2600 on Trade broker, in laymans gold terms thats 625$ USD for just 1 item at gold priced 25% per 100. 2000 raw gold. -- 500$ USD market value. With that much coin you can make any legendary you like and then some and I can hook you up with a builder to get it done for cheap. Plus ascended stuff and like 5 crafts at level 400. Basically this account is worth around 1300$ USD FFXIV: all combat jobs at 50 + 50 weaver and Leatherworker around 38? Legacy account. Furthermore at relaunch you can remake the toons name and looks at your leasure. Value: prob round 3-500 bucks market is kind of on pause until the game relaunches in feburary. World of tanks: EU account 11 top tier tanks multiple premium tier 8 tanks tons of random ****. If you want more details look up my other posts or ask. Value-- looks to be around 250 EU or like 300ish USD judging by the current market trend. Hit me up with offers.
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