WTT: WTT account for a level 60 Gaurdian Fighter.

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    As the title says I am willing to trade my Tera account , GW2 account and or my Defiance account (you can see in my post history the accounts details)

    Quick run down

    GW2, Max level Warrior and Ranger with 100% map completion various alts and bank mats proffs maxed.

    Tera Max level Lancer freshly transfered to Killian has access to my old guild bank with tons of stuff that is now dorment and unused. Special edition mounts and bonuses such as 8 character slots.

    Defiance Ego 3420 almost all feats except the current bugged ones completed with the best vehicle and outfit on the cash store already brought. Special edition mounts ect and DLC pack

    Either of these for a Neverwinter account with a level 60 Gaurdian Fighter (willing to trade away all 3 for a geared one)

    All the above accounts are delux special editions and or founders the defiance one comes with dlc pack already purchased.

    Reply with what you have

    Only taking Neverwinter accounts for trade.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.