[WTT] [WTS/WTT] Level 30 League of Legends account 1400 3v3 Lots of skins PAXJAX

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    [EDIT] It should be noted that you can now pay to change the account name The account has been active for over a year, I'm quitting because I am getting back into WoW. The account has All-Star Akali Pharoh Amumu Re-Gifted Amumu Emumu Bird Of Prey Anivia Gentlemen Chogath Nightmare Chogath Spectral Fiddlesticks Commando Garen Aviator Irellia PAX Jax Red Card Katarina Silver Kayle Presigious Leblanc Spectacular Sivir Mad-Hatter Shaco Riot Girl Tristana Full set of aspd marks, mpen marks, apen marks, Mana regen seals, dodge seals, armor seals, hp/perlevel seals, mana regen glyphs, CDR glyphs, Ability power glyphs, AP quints, HP quints, mpen quints, apen quints, ad quints I'm willing to let the account go to the best offer. I'm also interested in Cataclysm keys, gold, and WoW accounts if you're the OO Below are screens showing the champions available. Just added to the account was Sona
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