WTT: WTS WOWaccount 3 lvl 85s ilvl388-396 for active SWTOR with any lvl toons WITH TIME

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    Im not gonna go into too many details. im just looking for a SWTOR account with active game time. dont care about the toons or levels on them since im most likely going to level a new one anyway. but a mid-high lvl too would be nice. WOW acc details: these toons dont have pvp gear cause i only PVE lvl 85 priest, ilvl 396 Disc(healer) with 391 shadow (DPS) offspec. 525 Tailor / 525 Enchanting professions lvl 85 Hunter ilvl 388 Survival. 478 Enchanting / 505 Jewelcrafting Professions lvl 85 paladin ilvl 394 Holy with 390 Retribution and some tank gear. 525 blacksmith / 525 Mining professions BONUS: lvl 80 Druid with alchemy and Herbalism professions My account has almost all the heirlooms except caster leather and some of the guild perk heirlooms. also has blizzard store pets/mounts Little Ragnaros, heart of aspect, winged guardian, celestial steed. Contact me at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.