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    Hello Guys I Have One Account 30 LvL On Us Client And I Want To Sell It Informations:30LvL-43Champs-27Skins(2 legendary)-Over 500 Wins-141Rp-2417Ip Champions: Skins: 1)Nurse Akali 2)Longhorn Alistar 3)Feljord Ashe 4)Apocalypt Brand 5)(Legendary)Gentleman Cho Gath 6)Tango Evelynn 7)Spectral Fiddlesticks 8)Sailor Gangplank 9)Sanguine Garen 10)Deep One Kassadin 11)Bilgewater Katarina 12)Judgment Kayle 13)Prestigious LeBlanc 14)Tranditional Lee Sin 15)Sorceress Lux 16)Ionnia Master Yi 17-18)Lord-Pentakill Mordekaiser 19)Sinful Succulence Morgana 20)Frozen Terror Nocturne 21)(Legendary) Brolaf 22)Myrmidon Pantheon 23)Galactic Renenkton 24)Royal Shaco 25)Riot Girl Tristana 26)Gangster Twitch 27)Imperial Xin Zhao Runes Pages: 1 Rune Page = +21 Ability Power, -1.96% Cooldown, +10 Magic Penetration 2 Rune Page = +22 Armor Penetration, -5.89% Cooldown, +3,7 Mana Regen/5, +5 Ability Power 3 Rune Page = +22 Armor Penetration, -1.96% Cooldown, +3,7 Mana Regen/5, +11Ability Power Trusted Seller: I Can Show You This Account Inside From Teamviewer Without Problems to Trust Me!!! What I Want: If someone has a nearly same code in Eu-Client can do a swap If someone want to pay i accept paypal-paysafecard If You Interest Just Make A Post Or Pm
Thread Status:
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