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    Hi everyone. Since i am not that active, i decided to sell my char... Name: Xou (i know it's weird ) PvPs/Pks: 617/22 Base-Class: Soultaker Subclasse(s): Ghost Sentinel Clan: WaRLoverS Ally: TheLeGeNDs Castle: Giran Items: Full dark crystal set +20. Arcana mace +20 (passive Magic Barrier). Shining bow +20 (active Might). Draconic bow +19 (active Battle Roar). 3 book of giants. Sprite's Staff Mental Shield. Staff of Evil Spirits Bodily Blessing. Full boss jewels +20. Renaissance tattoo +20. 680 Vote Stones. (they keep increasing, i will update it. P.S. They are EXPENSIVE. You can see my name on top 50 of vote stones, about 25th-26th) 250kk adenas (it's dead easy to farm them, 1 mob = 200kk). I haven't been to olympiad at all. This is how it works: With money: I tell you my id, you tell me psc or send me money via paypal, i tell you the pwd. With char change: You tell me the id, i tell you mine, you say pwd, i tell you mine. P.S. If you believe i am here to scam, please press ALT + F4. Server site: l2renaissance Server is No.6 on hopzone. Average online players(through .online): 400-425. You can go to giran or PI and see... Server has got .changepassword pass newpass newpass command. I accept PaySafe Card and Paypal, as mentioned above. The price will start from 25 euros. (This doesn't mean if you pm me, offering me 25 euros, that i will trade it. I will accept offers...) I also accept char/items on other INTERLUDE, HIGH RATE, PVP servers. Pm me here if you are interested. Thanks.
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