WTT / WTS Elyos NA Decked-out Glads account. +15 ZAPIEL SPEAR!Middleman Seller Guide

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    I have 2 Gladiators level 55 in Israphel. ( For Sale or Trade ) Looking for ASMODIAN Assassin on any NA server. Gladiator 55 +15 Zapiel Spear fused with level 40 elite spear with Paralyze Godstone +6 Anuhart Elite Sword Set socketed with 1880 and 940 damage godstone +1 Flarestorm Sword (eternal sword) Miragents Sword socketed with 940 damage godstone Full Miragents 3/5 Elite Tribunus PVP Gears Full PVP accessories Omega's Necklace (eternal best pve necklace ) 100+ mil 200+ mil in items that can be sold 250k AP 200k+ AP relics Playable till 25 July 2011 imageshack.us/photo/my-images/3/glad1.jpg/ +10 Anuhart Greatsword fused with level30 elite pvp greatsword and a Paralyze Godstone socketed. +10 Full Elite Guardian Centurion Set ( Level 40 elite pvp set armours ). Lakhane's Kerchief ( Pvp Helm which doesnt drop anymore ) 2 level 50 Gold pvp earrings 1 level 50 Gold pvp ring 1 Dragon Flame Diamond Necklace ( from DP ) 1 Miren Diamond Ring ( from upper forts ) 1 Brigade General Anuhart's Leather Belt ( from DP ) 154k Abyss Points 12million Kinah 2 Plastic Surgery Tickets 3/5 Miragents Set Playable till 4 July 2011 imageshack.us/photo/my-images/718/glad2.jpg/ pm me for more info. I will send you an armory link if needed. On a side note, i have a chanter, sorc, templar for trade or sell too. Chanter 55 - Zikel +10 PVP Staff 50 +10 Triroan Staff Full Miragents Sorcerer 53 - Zikel Full Miragents Miragents Tome with 1880 damage godstone 400k++ ap* Templar 54 - Zikel Triroan Greatsword Anuhart (3/5) / Miragents (3/5) armor pieces 80% level 50 pvp accessories All these are up for grabs.
Thread Status:
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