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    Looking to trade my Sage on the Port Nowhere server; server is one of the most popular ones in the game, has THE best raiding guild as well. No chance of never having anyone to do stuff with. This is a great character. He can dominate anyone solo (many times two+ at a time) in pvp, and can heal/dps any hardmode with ease. As the title says, he's a 63 valor rank battlemaster, giving you access to the highest tier of PVP gear. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is quite a feat to grind to valor rank 60 and beyond. Also has tons of money to buy whatever you want. Info: 50 Republic Sage Level 20 Legacy level - HUGE benefits come March to have a legacy level this high! Also have 40 sentinel alt Rank 64 battlemaster, 13/14 Battlemaster including weapon and offhand as well as an additional two full sets of champion (for dps / heal) All 68 datacrons! (every datacron in game, including the +10 one) 1.5 million credit mount (amoung a few others) All bank slots All Cargo slots Dark Rank 5 over 3 Million remaining credits 400 Biochem -- Tons of epic implants -- including the popular ones that sell for 75-125k per on the auction 400 Diplomacy 400 Bioanlysis Tons and tons of crafting mats, ~ 5 million credits worth Misc Epics in inventory All epic gear - pvp set x 3 - pve set x1 (tier 1 and 2 combinations of pieces - Rakata / Columni) PVP Gear unbuffed - over 16.4k hps (over 17k hps with commando buff) and 11.5% expertise. Destroys people in pvp Few companions with very high affection (quicker crafting / missions) Main companion in full epic gear Collector's edition account (meaning items that you cannot purchase in game) VIP wristband ============================================== Looking for Powertech or Vanguard Must be Battlemaster and have Battlemaster gear. Prefer male, and that it has some PVE gear+matrix relic. Must be DPS geared. May be willing to sell, but its NOT going for cheap (((( I Am TWV and very repped on 2 other sites + can prove it ))))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.