WTT WoW lvl 80 rogue (AMAZING check post for stats on rogue) for aion...

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    rogue is undead, lvl 80, has the mechano hog, 420+ engineering, 450 JC, has epic flyer, has the RARE DROP WINTERGRASP VOA 3 seat mammoth, netherdrake, turbo charged flying machine, and many other rare mounts. pve set : 4pc t8.5 with t9 pieces and ToC 25 off pieces, ilvl 245 pve daggers (both beserker enchanted) pvp: mostly deadly and furious, with ilvl 245 daggers (relentless offpieces and relentless tier 1 dagger (offhand)) and 55k honor saved. im looking for AION (collectors edition preffered) cd key, and 1-2 prepaid month cards at least. i am the original owner of the account. it is not bnet merged, and i can give u every bit of info on it. leave ur aim here and i will contact u. please post with ur spamsite account because i do not wanna hear the ol' scammer phrase "its my friends account but mine has ALOT OF REP"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.