WTT WoW Hunter for 50 aion

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    he's a male troll hunter his gear consists of 3/5 t7.5 and everything else is 25 gear from maly/os/naxx everything is gemmed/enchanted he also has a FULL set of PvP gear which is mostly deadly with some hateful with over 800 reisilience , it's also fully gemmed and enchanted he has brutal tabard if it matters he has 450 mining and 427 engineering he has twilight vanquisher(got it when it was hard) and bloodsail admiral titles he DOES have epic flying also a cool thing about him is that he has a ooze pet , from when the oracle quest creatures were tameable it's since been hotfixed Server Transfer/Char Recustomization/Sex/Faction change and Name Change are ALL UP there are some alts on the account including a lvl 22 BE paladin on archimonde , and there's a lvl 1 bank alt on darkspear that has about 700g on it also on darkspear there's a lvl 14 mage with the heirloom staff he doesn't have much gold on him since I haven't had time to play him I am the OO I know all info on the account and I can submit an ID scan and original WoW Cd Key I'm also comfortable with a phone call I'd like a 50 sorcerer or asassin but I'm flexible my aim/ are both [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.