WTT WoW for AoC Wiccana gold/items

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    I have the following account to trade to your AoC gold/items: lvl 80 male human DK with Bloodsail admiral title, 450 mining 450 skinning, 300 gold with tons of stuff to sell, honored with Ebon Hold and exalted and honored with a few other factions. Has DK flying mount and 3 epic ground mounts. He has very nice DPS gear and a set of tanking gear. He is currently specced frost tank. He also has an Oracle egg in the bank ready to open. I can tell you anything else you need to know if you need to know. lvl 60 male draenei hunter with 275 enchanting and tons of mats, Bananas (pet from loot card), and normal ground mount. lvl 57 male draenei shaman with 363 jewelcrafting and a tabard from tcg points. lvl 46 male Belf hunter with high level skills and a decent amount of gold. I am the original owner with all information. If you make the offer sweet enough, I will throw in a SWG account with a lvl 65 male Zabrak with sunriders and meditation. What I am looking for: AoC gold/items on Wiccana server only. I will also take gamecards in trade. If you don't have a lot of good rep, don't even bother posting here please. I am done with WoW and don't want any hassles down the road. PM me if you are interested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.