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    Looking to start playing Anarchy Online again so i am putting my account up for trade for a Anarchy Online one. I will have a good look at all offers that are made. The account has been mine from when it was originally created. I have all details, Q & A's & so forth. There is one month active on the account from when this post was made (5th, July 2012). Characters -: Alliance 85 Death Knight - This character is/was my main. He has pretty much everything on him from 9k+ achievement points, titles such as loremaster & exhalted. Pretty decent gear (you wont have trouble getting yourself into DS). Proffesions are also maxed out, Mining & Jewelcrafting. A lot of mounts including Violet proto-drake, Raven Lord, Amani Battle Bear, All the reputation mounts including Burning Crusade. Also most reputations are exalted, when the next expansion hits, The account wont be far off the insane title due to all characters sharing achievements,mounts.. etc. Alts - : Horde 85 Priest - Decently geared, Disc priest. Again wont find it difficult to get a DS group/guild to heal. Alliance 85 Paladin - Recently dinged so gear is not that great. Alliance 85 Warrior - Again same as the Paladin. ---- I'm pretty much looking for a end game character, I'm not to bothered about the proffesion (class) just aslong as its not gimped to hell & maybe one or two alts. Again however i will look at all offers. Please leave me a private message or post here with offers & we shall go from there. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.