WTT WoW EU account 2x 80 for Credz / Support acc RK1

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Hi friends, Note: Due to my newcoming of this site I'll be offering my account first and have your confirmation before I accept any items / account from you. Allthought, you need to have some reputation or someone with reputation to vouche for you. <span style="text-decoration: underlineI'll change and give all personal information first (SQ/SA, CD KEY, Password)
    before I request your account or items. I'm the proud owner of a WoW European account that's unfortunately inactive at the moment but I got all proof (ID, Screenshots, CD Key, Email) To show you, that what I'm writing here is the real deal, even thought you might not be impressed I did spend alot of time into making this account. Back on topic: Burning Blade, PvP - Euro Armory will be given 80 BE Hunter, upped professions, fly mount, ground mount, very good reputation, guildless, different gears (No dual spec) some various items to be sold for profit (Mining Stacks) Eternals, Jewels etc. 80 Tauren Druid Ulduar geared, good professions, fly mount, ground mount, clean and very good reputation, guildless, different gears (Dual Spec) Various items to be sold for profit 500g ~ and another 1,000 to be sold throughout the account. Items that's relatively easy to sell after being adapted towards marketing price currently set. What I want is Credits (to match up what's my account is worth) or a Support account in RK1 - (Doctor, MP, Keeper) is accepted - The rest is entirely up to you, I might reject your offer but you could still say it as it doesn't hurt anyone. Before any transaction is made, I require: 1: Phone call to verify it's you. 2: The same means I offer should you offer me in types of making sure you're legit 3: I leave blank for now [​IMG] Ps. I have no intention to scam anyone, as I wrote earlier - if you got reputation or someone to vouce for you. I WILL let you login to my account to what means possible to check for yourself that it's legit. Thanks and happy bidding!
Thread Status:
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