WTT WoW Acc's for AoC Acc-Lv80s here-Good offers only.

Discussion in 'Age of Conan Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Age of Conan Accounts, 9/28/13.

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    Hi MD. I am here today to trade my 2 WoW Accounts. I can trade em one at a time OR both at once, if your AoC Account is UBER enough. WoW is a great game, just time for a change of pace. Without further ado, the Accounts up for trade: First Account: Lv80 Night Elf Rogue in mixxed Lv70-80 Gear, mostly all Epics. Epic flying. near maxxed profs: Mining, JC Lv71 Human Warlock in Lv70 Epics. Second Account: Lv80 Gnome DK in some Tier 7.5 and other 25man Epics. Epic flying, maxxed professions-Mining, Skinning, Fishing, First Aid. Several thousand gold. Lv80 Night Elf Hunter in Lv80 Greens and Blues.Epic flying. Maxxed Skinning. I am OO of second account, have all info for both though. I expect you to have the same. What I want: Just browsing right now, shoot me a PM of what ya got and maybe we can work something out. AIM: Shoopdawoop28
Thread Status:
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