WTT WoW Accounts(2) for RK1 items/creds

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    I recently returned to AO after several years and am looking to trade some of my other game accounts for RK1 items/creds, will start with my WoW accounts(also have 2 Tabula Rasa accounts, some UO accounts(one is 128mo+ old) and my Sony Station account with EQ1/EQ2 - but I'll post those when I inventory them /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_%%/grin.gif I can be contacted at [email protected] or Trade4AO on AIM WoW accounts(2) - I am the original owner, all chars on server they started on with transfers available and no bad marks on accounts, I havnt played since November but both accounts are still active Account #1 70 Dwarf Hunter-3600g, Halbred of Desolation, Legionkiller, t6 gloves, t5 helm, rest of gear is mix of epics from ssc/tk/bt/hyjal - 724 agil, 500stam, 249 int, 2015 RAP, 31% crit as BM (lvl 70 black lion best pet=)- 7x18 slot bags in bank, full SR gear, 3 epic fliers(griffon, netherdrake, ray), 6 epic ground mounts(talbuk, all 5 old BG epics, and ram) too many items too list..bank full of epics/rares, 375 JC(some Hyjal recipes), Mining, Fishing, Cooking and First Aid 53 Draenei Mage - 175g, decent gear, 263 alch/300 herb 25 NE Rogue twink and several low lvl chars and mules Account #2 70 Human Warlock - 1500g, decent gear - mix of FSW and epics/blues from 5 mans mainly - 547 stam, 354 int, 153 spirit, +909 shadow damage, 9.5% crit as 40/21 aff/demo - 371 enchanting/375 tailoring lots of rare recipes, 28 slot shard bag, mix of 16/18 slot bags in bank/inv, bank full of enchanting/tailoring mats (prolly 1k g worth) regular flying and epic lock ground mount Rest of chars slots are used by mules - has to be 1000's of gold worth of junk on em...cloth, ore, gem, food, alchemy, etc mules
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.