WTT wow account with 80dk and 80 priest for aion account

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    (copied this from my selling thread, I would however also like to trade if possible) As title says, I am now trying to sell/trade my World of Warcraft acount with 2 level 80's on it. The DK has full T8.5/T9/Ulduar Hardmode gear. He has dual spec, epic flying, and he also has the 310% Rusted Protodrake mount (below). He currently has 50 ToGC badges to buy more T9, and also has 1 Trophy from the 25man ToC as well. The priest is a dwarf priest, with full naxx 25 gear with some T8. He has about 2400+ spell power with Innerfire. This was just an alt that I made when I was getting bored. I've sold 2 accounts before. One on spamsite, and one on another site. Both transactions went flawlessly, and I would like this to be as well. Post here before contacting me please. Once in contact I will show armories, answer any questions, and show characters in game. I just renewed my subscription about 20 minutes ago, so you get a free month with it as well. Aim - Bleedingxhearts5 Email - [email protected]
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