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    Post here before contacting
    I am the original owner of the account. Please inbox or skype: xlxdoopmasterxlx
    Willing to trade for a Swtor CD key or a fresh account with time on it.
    This account contains the following:
    Level 85 Blood Elf Warrior: 13329 gold
    525 Blacksmithing and Mining, 7 Chaos Orbs
    300 Flight skill with RAF Rocket Mount
    420 Justice Points and 630 Valor Points
    Exalted with Guardians of Hyjal
    Exalted with DarkSpear Trolls
    Almost Exalted with Dragonmaw Clan
    Almost Exalted with Undercity
    Main Spec is Tank with 345 ilvl
    146,000 Health Unbuffed

    85 Goblin Shaman: 11357 Gold
    502 Enchanting, 506 Jewelcrafting, Has Epic Flying, 504 Cooking, 472 Fishing
    1662 Justice Points, 490 Valor Points
    Main spec Elemental with 441 ilvl

    80 Human Paladin
    475 Incription and 475 Herbalism
    Exalted with: Argent Crusade, Kiron Tor, The Sons of Hodir, The Wyrmrest Accord, All Alliance Vanguard Factions, Kurenai, Netherwing, Shatari Skyguard, Argent Dawn
    Mounts: All Nether Ray Mounts, All Netherdrake Mounts, All Talbuk Mounts, Red Drake, Red Proto Drake, Swift Zhevra (Cant obtain no longer)

    80 Dwarf Hunter

    List of Characters below level 80
    70 Blood Elf Death Knight
    66 Tauren Druid
    66 Human Mage
    61 Human Priest
    61 Troll Druid with Full Feral Heirloom Gear including staff
    61 Human Warrior
    61 Human Paladin
    60 Night Elf Hunter
    16 Rogue with Heirloom daggers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.