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    i have a valid wow account that is inactive ( US servers ) that im looking to trade for eve account. the account has mage,rogue,warrior,warlock, druid,shaman,priest,death knight all at 85. there is various alts on other servers but all the 85s are on one. priest and druid both have pvp gear but it is prolly outdated as i have not played in awhile. most have the old school pvp titles. list of wow account features: 85 mage inscription 510 tailoring 375 ish 85 druid 366ilvl 487 enchanting 504 jewel crafting 85 death knight 337 ilvl 525 mining 492 jewel crafting 85 warlock 359 ilvl 525 enchanting 501 tailoring 85 shaman 353 ilvl 525 skinning 525 herbalism 85 priest 366 ilvl 525 engineering and tailoring 85 warrior 355 ilvl 510 blacksmith 525 mining 85 rogue 352 ilvl 525 skinning 267 leatherworking the priest druid were mostly pvp toons and thus have some gear for pvp they have no real great wealth but tons of stuff in their bags as i was a packrat. I do have the answer to secret question and will change email upon completion. need more info? PM me or reply here ill answer most questions as long as it doesnt compromise my account make me an offer with the eve account you have
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