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    Trading a WoW Account with: 85 Human Paladin: 93 Mounts 6110 Achievement Points T6 and T2 Transmog gear Full set of PvE Prot and PvE Ret gear, also a PvP Ret set More than 50 pets 525 Enchanting, 525 Engineering, 525 Archaeology More than 10 titles Vial of the Sands Both War Talbuks White Hawkstrider Reins Raven Lord 85 Human Hunter: Full PvP gear set 525 Mining, 525 Herbalism GM of a lvl 15 guild with 300 members 85 Blood Elf Priest: Full gear set for Holy/Shadow/Disc 525 Mining, 525 Herbalism Owns a bank guild 85 Draenei Shaman: 525 Jewelcrafting, 525 Alchemy Full PvE Resto and PvE Enh sets Vial of the Sands 80 Blood Elf Rogue 80 Night Elf Mage 74 Orc Warlock 74 Worgen Warrior 70 Blood Elf Deathknight 50 Dwarf Rogue 50k gold, lots of assets. Many heirlooms, and BoA Archy Rewards For an EVE pilot with: Decent SP, assets and ISK. Preferably skilled with Caldari/Minmatar, but not required. PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.