WTT wow account for 50 on aion any server any faction

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    I'll only do description with my shaman here cause it was my main. After payment for the account i will add an extra month of game time and a free xfer/faction change the shaman is now alliance he has tier 8.5 tier9 gear all from ulduar hard modes and heroic toc 25. he has ulduar hard mode 25 and 10 man proto drake, blue proto drake, zg tiger, raven mount, realm first yogg 0 title, 50 mount achievement all the beginning wrath raid realm first and a whole lot more. his main spec is enhance but he has a good healing set for toc 25 and above. There is about 5k gold on the account. the alts i have are 80 warrior,80 hunter, 80 pally, 80 druid, 80 rogue, 75 deathknight, 70 priest and 70 mage. i have all the lvling gear for all armor sets to lvl and all the 80s have decent gear for one spec at least. all alts are horde except the 70 rogue and warlock i have(he has the bear mount from zg)they are on the same server as the shaman mainly looking for a ranger but will look at all offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.