WTT: WoW Account Five level 85s Hunter/Druid/Mage/Deathknight/Warrior 70s Priest/Shaman ++

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    Hello I would like to trade my WoW Account for An EVE online account. I would like to find a Tengu pilot but I'm interested in any combat pilots. Would be nice if it happened to a Minmatar Tengu Pilot. Below is the copy and paste from my WTS WoW thread also found on these forums: ://vbforums./wow-usa-a...-39-rogue.html Selling my personal WoW account, I would also like to entertain any offers of an EvE online characters or ISK. Preferably a Minmatar Tengu pilot. I am the orgrinal owner and will provide a copy of my photo ID. I am PayPal verifed, will also accept Western Union or Money Order. If you are in the USA I will also accept Bank to Bank transfer. (In house Bank of America Preferred) Five level 85 characters all except warrior in end game raid gear. I can show the characters any time in game. Safe armory links listed below. All characters are on one high population realm (PVP) and all are Alliance members. The account has 3 months of paid subscription time left. Has 44,463 gold. Most with 310% or 280% flying speed already purchased. Comes with your own guild on the realm with 6 guild bank slots already purchased. Few slots full. Filled with herbs/potions/ALOT of enchanting items/many misc odds and ends. Guild bank value some where around 5k-8k gold. Has most Bind on Account leveling gear items. 85 Human Hunter WoW Armory Alternative - Nameless Armory Profiles. Mostly Firelands gear ilvl 374. Completely ready for new 4.3 raids. Has rare hunter pets and rare mounts such Rusted Proto Dake Time Lost Proto Drake etc Max 310% Flyiny speed. Max 525 Herbalism 510 Inscription GLYPH MASTER. I KNOW EVERY GLYPH IN THE GAME 85 Worgen Druid WoW Armory Alternative - Nameless Armory Profiles. My resto druid ilvl 368, can heal any instance currently in the game. Max 310% Flying speed. Max 525 Alchemy (Transmutation Master), knows many recipes. Max 525 Enchanting. Has most Cata enchantments. Some rare mounts and pets. Such as The Headless Horseman's Steed The Raven Lord etc 85 Human Deathknight WoW Armory Alternative - Nameless Armory Profiles. End game tank ilvl 360. Firelands Ready, can step right in. Max 310% Flying speed. Max 525 Mining 506 Alchemy Potions Master. You can get to 525 in a day if you need to. 85 Human Mage WoW Armory Alternative - Nameless Armory Profiles. Very fun mage, ilvl only 357, still Firelands ready. 280% Flight speed Max 525 Tailoring 515 Jewelcrafting. Knows many jewel cuts, also has tokens to purchase to learn jewel cuts of your choice. 85 Human Warrior WoW Armory Alternative - Nameless Armory Profiles. Lower geared character,ilvl 340, able to tank heroics. Rides the Machochopper mount! 280% Flight speed. 321 Blacksmithing 394 Engineering. I was power leveling both items in bank that you just need to click and make to level up. Can easily power level to max with resources. Also inculded a level 70 Worgen Priest and a level 70 Draeni Shaman. Both in full BoA leveling sets. Also level 39 Worgen Rogue also in full BoA leveling items. ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK. Selling safely only. Please post in the thread if you have a $ offer or an EVE online related offer.
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