[WTT] WoW Account 2x 85's geared for SWTOR Gametime / Credits

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    Trading my personal WoW Account for a SWTOR Credits and Gametime.

    I dont play wow anymore, so not looking for an arm and leg , just sometime to provide in my endevour.

    85 Dranei Paladin

    iLvL 375 - Holy
    iLvL 370 - Prot

    425 Enchanting
    425 Jewelcrafting
    425 Cooking
    400 Fishing

    Multiple flying and ground mounts.
    Frostbrood Vanquisher
    2 Proto Drakes
    War Hippogryph
    VoA Mammoth

    7100 Achievement Points
    Champion of Naruu
    + more

    85 Goblin Hunter

    iLvL 362
    4pc T11

    425 Herbalism
    425 Alchemy
    425 First Aid

    Epic flying

    ID will be included, all info.
    Original Owner.


    Will go first if repped.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.