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    I'm looking to trade my warlock which I've been playing since 4 years ago I'm the first and only owner of the account. The gear it has I will list Trinkets ://wowhead/?item=50353 ://wowhead/?item=50340 Rings ://wowhead/?item=49977 ://wowhead/?item=50398 Boots ://wowhead/?item=50062 Leggings ://wowhead/?item=47795 Belt ://wowhead/?item=49978 Tier 10 I have the 4 set ://wowhead/?item=50240 ://wowhead/?item=50241 ://wowhead/?item=50244 ://wowhead/?item=51206 Main hand off hand wand ://wowhead/?item=50472 ://wowhead/?item=47913 ://wowhead/?item=50771 ://wowhead/?item=49992 Bracers ://wowhead/?item=47467 Cloak ://wowhead/?item=47452 Neck ://wowhead/?item=47468 I have 8200 achievement points it has the 100 mounts thing zg tiger etc 3 310% mounts the rusted,violent,and ironbound the 16k mount with vendors Has duel spec 3k gold also a 70 paladin on the account with all the heirloom gear on a pvp server with transfers faction changes etc up 450 JC most all the spell caster patterns you will ever need I have 420 engineering. I'm not looking to trade for some half assed aion account that is level 38 that you traded 7 times be the OO and have the key thing they email you I have all the info you will need also I would prefer Elyos-spiritmasters/clerics or asmo but I will look into any thing Post here with what you have and your contact info I will contact you if I'm interested thank you for reading my wall of text I put a lot of time into this account I will expect something of similar value.
Thread Status:
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