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    Hello, i have just stopped with world of warcraft, and want to play anarchy online again. On the acc there is: 64 Warlock 70 Warrior Some low lvls characters, includes 2 bank characters (may be some gold on). Items on warrior: - Helm of the stalwart defender with 3x 12 stamina gems. - Gladiator's plate shoulders with 1x 12 stamina gem. - Kings defender with Moongose - Azure-shield of Coldarra enchanted with 18 stamina. - Warbringer handguards enchanted with 15 strength. - Crimson Girdle of the indomitable, with 2x 12 stamina gems. - Wrynn Dynasty Greaves, with 3x 12 stamina gems, and leg enchant 30 stamina & 10 agility. - Sunstrider Warboots with 1x 12 stamina gem, and 1x 9 stamina gem. Enchanted with 8 stamina. This was just some of the items the warrior wears. Most of it is epic. For a more detailed item list, please contact me. Warlock: The warlock hasn't that good gear yet, but got setup to be affliction spec, and works perfect! I can remember i made 5 lvls on one day, just by doing these dots. The warlock wears green and blue gear with gems in. Want to know mere about the warlock then just go ahead. -------------- Please note all these characters are on a PvE server.
Thread Status:
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