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    Howdy MD, Currently selling a Level 80 human warrior, All transfers are up, Account is BNET merged, Have SQA and CDKeys, Not original owner, Have access to BNET email account and will hand this over to you with the sale, Have personally owned account for over a year without any hassles, Never been warned or banned for any offenses and account has 28 days of play time remaining and is currently active. Notes about warrior: Epic flying / Cold weather flying + Netherwing Drakes 27,000HP+ In tanking gear 3/5 Tier7 Dreadnaught Plate (Tanking Set) 3k Attack power in Arms Set + Demise 2H Mace Hit & Defense capped in reletive specs. Exalted with: Netherwing / Argent Crusade / Shattered Sun Offensive / The aldor / Stormpike guard Revered with Shatari skyguard / Argent dawn / hydraxian waterlords / Zandalar tribe / Ironforge / Cenarion Expidition / Ogrila Level 450 Herbalisim & First Aid (With Level 359 Engineering) MyWowArmory: ://mywowarmory/profile.php?id=154366 Pictures: Netherdrake: Tank set: Arms set: Looking to sell for $150 obo, Paypal accepted for members above 10 positive feedbacks otherwise WU / Bank transfer only. Also willing to accept AION Online account with game time or Aion Collector edition CDKeys and Gametime. I have 2 positive feedback and a verified Paypal since 2005 happy to take phone calls or anything required to keep things scam free. No renting / Scammers ive been around the block please dont waste your time or mine. Aim//Email: [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.