WTT WoW 80 Blood Elf DK (various alts, info within) for AoC

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    Greetings, I am looking to trade one US World of Warcraft account, for various AoC related commodities. Characters worth noting include: - Level 80 Blood Elf Death Knight - Level 68 Undead Rogue (same pvp realm as DK main) - Level 60 Orc Shaman (pve realm) - Two mid 20 alliance characters of no real value, never got played much. Separate pvp realm. ---------------- Account Notes ---------------- - I am the one and only original owner. - Account contains all security information, incl. full name, cd key(s) and upc code(s) off of game boxes. Ensuring maximum security. - Transfers are all available. - Account is currently inactive, as of mid january. --------------------- Reason for trading? --------------------- I have quit World of Warcraft, and no longer have any need for the account. I have no intent on ever playing again, and would like to see the account remain used by someone else, rather than collect dust. My reason for quitting is not because the game is bad, rather, because my wife quit a month before I did so she could move over to AoC in order to play with other family members who are involved in that game. I would like to join her there, and as such, am here seeking a legitimate trade opportunity. ------------------------------ Info on the Level 80 DK Main ------------------------------ --------------- Unbuffed Stats --------------- HP: 17451 AP: 2894 Hit: 315 (over capped) Crit: 27.69% ----------- DPS Epics ----------- - Spiked Titansteel Helm (50ap/20crit rating arcanum, 21 crit rating/3% increased crit dmg [censored] gem). - Titansteel Destroyer (Rune of the Fallen Crusader) - Flame Bathed Steel Girdle (8crit/12stam gem + 16str gem) - Death-Inured Sabatons (Icewalker enchant, 2x16str gems) - Mirror of Truth (trinket) --------------------------- Off-spec (Tanking) Epics --------------------------- Heroes Scourgeborne Legguards Minion Bracers Tempered Titansteel Helm Tempered Titansteel Treads Ancient Aligned Girdle Chained Military Gorget OS10, OS25, VoA 10, Naxx10 achievements. 995 total achievement points. ----------------------- What I want in trade? ----------------------- I am willing to accept a few different options for trade in this case. Option #1: A mid level AoC account with character transfers up still and unused. Classes accepted are Bear Shaman, ToS, PoM, HoX or Assassin. Plus 2x AoC Game Time Cards. or Option #2: A high level (minimum 70, preferably 80) AoC account. Classes accepted are Bear Shaman, ToS, PoM, HoX or Assassin. Plus 1x AoC Game Time Cards. **** Female Characters are a priority, prefer Females over Males. Major plus. **** -------------- Extra Notes -------------- As I am brand new here, I am willing to turn over the account first if trading with any TWV or veteran member. Staff or otherwise. If you are a new member here like myself, I would prefer to do a "half and half" arrangement. We can decide on specifics when you show interest and contact me, I am not closed minded by any means, but I am not willing to negotiate - trade "prices" are firm. -------------- Contact Info -------------- I can be contacted during the day, by email: [email protected] and I tend to check it in the evenings after work, or occasionally during the day when I have spare time. Thanks for viewing, hopefully she goes to a good home!
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