[WTT] WOW 3 85's MAGE/SHAMAN/DRUID 383/388/345 PVP For CD KEYS/ACCCOUNT(PICS)Middleman Seller Guide

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    Hey guys i'm looking to trade my wow account for keys, or an account for SWTOR. If your trading an account it would be awesome if it has time on it, i have 3 toons for you guys today.

    85 Goblin Shaman - 388 PVP

    85 Mage - 383 PvP

    85 Druid 345 PvP/Greens (Kind of fresh 85)

    Like i said guys, i'm looking for keys or an account...I'd prefer you be repped on here, i have all info to the account( I'm not the OO, however she is one of my best friends, and stay in close contact with her) PLEASE POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING!PLEASE POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING!

    : Lolfacerolled
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.