wtt wotlc imba acc pala tank guild alts+++ 20k gold for eve pilot acc 40m+sp

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    wow eu acc 100% safe original owner all info 24/7 help wts pala acc +alts, guild , gold +++ 150e pala tank 5200 gs epic mount epic fly 2 maxed profession full enchanted dual spec random dps healing epix 100 emb of frost priest 65l dk 64l hunter 29l rogue 24l plate cloth leather heirloom items(chest and shoulders ) + 2 heirloom trinkets 2 1h swords acc bound + 1 2h heirloom sword 12-16k gold in cash 3 guild tabs items +7 bank characters l 1 to 10 10-20k gold in mats 2 zevra mounts and 2 zevra mounts inc in few days (2x raf) 2 months play time inc from RAf all info inc
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.