WTT: world of tanks account 4 premium tanks and 2,6k gold for aion account

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    Account is located on the European server. You'll get e-mail adress and password for it with the account. Most tanks have the best equipment researched and some even have mounted equipment for better performance on the battlefield. I researched: french: -tier 7 light -tier 5 artillery german: -tier 8 medium -both tier 7 heavies (Tiger P and Tiger) -tier 5 tank destroyer -tier 4 scout (vk 1602 leopard) ussr: -tier 6 tank destroyer -tier 6 heavy (KV-2) american: -tier 7 heavy The account has 2638 gold left and 4 premium tanks (which are worth over € 100 in total): -Type 62 (98% crew) -Jagdtiger 8,8cm (100% crew) -Super Pershing (100% crew) -Churchill screenshots: Imageshack - shot026o.jpg Imageshack - shot030n.jpg Imageshack - shot029qq.jpg Imageshack - shot028t.jpg Imageshack - shot027tb.jpg With those last 4 tanks, you can easily start grinding money. In the garage I have the 4 premium tanks, a panther II, AMX 12t, vk 1602 leopard and a tiger. I bought some extra slots so you can have 14 tanks in total. I trade this account for an Aion account, doesn't need to be high leveled or have much gametime, as long as the game itself is bought.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.