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    Im wanting to trade this Rift account

    i have all q&a for it aswell as email attached to account
    there are 4 guardians 1 defiant lvl 50 and a lvl 11 defiant
    Attached to the account are the following

    Ashes of History Edition
    Collector's Edition Item: Ancient Tartagon mount. Increases Character Speed by 60%.
    Collector's Edition Item: Collector's Satchel. Increases Starter Bag Capacity to 24 Slots.
    Collector's Edition Item: Shiny Lil' Trinket. Summons Bogling Wastrel Companion Pet.
    Dwarven Smithy Goggles
    Promotional Item: A Well Spun Hat for Team Fortress 2 players
    Promotional Item: Blazing Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Fire.
    Promotional Item: Corpus Kitty
    Promotional Item: Crystalline Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Earth.
    Promotional Item: Frozen Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Water.
    Promotional Item: Personal Banker
    Promotional Item: Pulsing Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Life.
    Promotional Item: RIFT Half Birthday Present
    Promotional Item: RIFT Pre-order Companion Pet Choice: One Per Character.
    Promotional Item: Shrouded Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Death.
    Promotional Item: Spindrel
    Promotional Item: Swirling Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Air.
    Promotional Item: Tabard Gift Box
    River of Souls Event Reward Pack

    Active time remaining: 100+ Days


    Mage p3 Female
    4 x tormentor armour
    1312 sp
    809 crit
    300 focus
    2 x wardrobe slots
    19 x compainons
    5 x soul trees
    8/8 bank slots
    Ancient murdantix , crocnard , shiny tartagon , Ash strider
    Mining 300
    Rune crafting 300

    Rouge p2 Female
    4 x Death bringer armour
    605 dex
    646 attack power
    858 crit
    253 hit
    3 x wardrobe slots
    Full mathosian armour
    7 x companions
    4 x soul trees
    7/8 bank slots
    Apoth 300
    outfitter 300

    Warrior Female
    4 x Stalwart armour
    tough 121
    HP 11922
    Armour 9701
    Block 521
    3 x Wardrobe
    6/8 bank slots
    4 x soul trees
    15 x companions
    weaponsmith 290
    Runecrafting 300
    butchering 300

    Cleric Female
    2 x wardrobe
    6 x companions
    3 x soul trees
    6/8 bank slots
    Artificer 300
    foragin 257


    lvl 50 warrior Male
    lvl 11 rouge Male

    PM me any offers or add me on aim noonanles
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