WTT [USAion] lvl 55 chanter for lvl 50-55 sorc/sin.

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    Server: Israphel Character: LVL 55 Chanter Gear: (All of these are socketed with attack +5 or crit strike +17) Full Fenris/ Fenris Warhammer +9 Lannok Staff(soon to be +10) LVL 30 Abyss Shield/ Anuhart Shield Anuhart Chest, Gloves(5 slots) and Greaves (5 slots) LVL 50 & up gold Accessories. Some are AP and some are not 449 Cooking with 399 alchemy in lvl 50 sorc in the account. Completed the stigma for lvl 55 Goal: Trade this in for LVL 50+ sorc or sin with nearly the same or the same or better gears. email me @ ***************************************************** or message me here in order to make the deal or for more details
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.