[WTT] [US] Kannagi(85) NIN/WHM/RDM/BLM/SCH/BRD Hume F

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    So i got a Hume F want to trade for any Male type account, Xfer must be up. Must have a Emp Weapon. and not that its almost there either.. This was a mule for my main that i sold here a while ago, its got some random things needed, nothing omg stupid lol..

    Rank10 Sandy
    Zilart: Awakening
    CoP: Dawn
    Assault: SL
    ToAU: Knight of Gold
    WoTG: Back to the Beginning
    ACP: Gatherer of Light (I)
    Xfer up and has Token

    2nd account(Same log-in)
    Taru M
    92+2 Smithng Apron/mitts
    51+1 Gold Glasses
    52 Cloth

    Sub DNC49 THF30

    Notable Gear:
    Kannagi(85)0 16/75 Apademek Horns
    5/5+2 All jobs
    All Accessories for AF3 except NIN neck
    All Twighlight except Mail
    Koga Hands/Feet+2
    Duelists Hat+2
    Ice Staff trial fully upgraded
    Curing Staff trial fully upgraded +24%
    All HQ Staves for other Elements
    Nefer Kalasir Crafted vs of Body from VW Akvan
    4/5 Zenith with Fast Cast+2 Quick Cast1% Aug on Dalmy
    Portant Pants
    Goading Belt/Velocious Belt
    RDM AF3 Back/Earring
    WHM AF3 Neck/Back/Earring
    NIN AF3 Cape/Earring
    BLM AF3 Cape/Neck/Earring
    SCH AF3 Neck/Ammo
    BRD AF3 Neck
    Eposa's Ring/Hecate's Earring/Pixie Earring
    Danzo Sune-ata
    Loki's Kaften/Searing Cape
    Ocelomeh headpiece
    Ocelot L/Hands

    RDM 4/5 +2 Hat + Belt
    WHM 5/5 + Belt
    BLM 5/5
    SCH 2/5 + Belt
    BRD 4/5 = junk
    NIN 3/5 +2 Hands/Feet
    THF 1/5 Hands
    Hydra (Mage) 4/5

    Atmas: really not gonna list em all, but there arent any missing for these jobs to do what u gotta do in Aby..

    T2 Pops in both Aby and Present zones

    Sojourn: 4
    Celerity: 3
    Avarice: 2
    Confluence: 2
    Expertise: 2
    Fortune: 3
    Kismet: 2
    Prosperity: 1
    Destiny: 3
    Acumen: 3
    Lenity: 2
    Perspicacity: 3
    Reaper: 3
    Guerdon: 1
    Furthance: 1
    Merit: 3

    Periapt of emergence
    Atmacite Coercion
    atmacite finesse
    VW Newb mostly... did a few leach runs bout it

    +2 items
    Vision Card x3
    Ardor Stone x3
    Balance Stone x8
    Balance jewel x6
    Balance card x1
    Voyage jewel x3
    Iron plate x3

    Dont mind taking screen shots upon request

    If im missing something PM me.
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