[WTT] [US] 90x11 Excellent account, Great gear cheap price (MUST SEE)

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    Howdy all, I am looking to sell/trade my account.

    I have all information for the account including OO info.

    Server: Asura
    Transfer: Down until March 10th
    Race: Taru F
    Model: Shown in screenshots
    Mission status:
    Done with all missions for RoTz, COP, ToAU, WoTG
    All expansions purchased and completed
    All add-ons purchased and completed
    Roughly 2,000,000 cruor
    Has any/every needed/wanted atma
    Jobs at 90: WAR, WHM, BLM, RDM, THF, DRK, BST, RNG, DRG, COR, DNC
    SMN 75 BRD 84
    Has 100 Woodworking on main(all subs)
    Has 100 Leathercraft on mule(Cloth sub)
    Has 80 Smithing on mule

    All jobs are geared above-average

    THF COR RNG have excellent gear. TH6 etc

    Account is very near Death Penalty (Needs to complete Tiinin and Tyger path only, has around 10,000 alexandrite turned in. All assaults needed are complete.

    Needs 45 more Carabosse Gems to receive Armageddon

    If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know.

    See screenshots for full inventory
    Highlighted some stand-out items in red
    Too many to list

    Keep all offers in a reasonable range please, other than that I am willing to accept anything that sounds good.
    Western Union only

    Starting bid for a ballpark $400
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.