WTT: Uber PVP EVE pilot ---for 55 Sin / Chanter

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    Offering EVE: ~39m SP This pilot is completely PVP based. Very efficiently trained skills. Can Fly Battleship, T2 and down VERY well and for Mim+Amarr Can also fly all T1 Caldari and gall. BC V (pilot is non-cap, but ready to begin training for them) I have tons and tons of fully fitted ships, well over 60. T1 to T2. Some with faction mods as well. We are talking 8billion isk in fitted ships AT LEAST. I also have another 2-4billion isk in mods just laying around. Add that to the character being worth over 12 billion , that is over 20 bil. At the current rate, that is well over $600, closer to the 1grand range This pilot can do just about anything your fleet needs of someone, Scout in an interceptor, repair in logi (can fly armor repper and shield repper), all the way to Being perfect in a battlecruiser or battleship. He can also fly T3!!!!! -------------------- Looking for a very well PVP geared Sin or Chanter, can be Asmo or Elyos. Please be repped. PLEASE POST BEFORE CONTACTING ME. If I am not on AIM, PM me here.
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