WTT Tyranny 80 Necro 2/? t1, 250g horse, 70+ gold, full unholy gemmed gear

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    [A]ge of Conan Account info: Character is on server: Tyranny This character has the fastest mount which costs 250gold, as well as at least 70 extra gold. He is a maxed out Gemcutter(awesome for making easy gold once you find out how). He has 2 peices of t1 gear, why so little? the guild was strictly against exploiting instances. Other than that he is full unholy specced and -hate gear.(pvp-pve mix gear). The account has over a month time on it. It has a war rhino and the PC gamer recall totem however that is now an ingame drop so its easier to get. This char is currently speced for pvp and does awesome in the MT grp(healing pets, proc of hitting mobs). He can also do well in pvp but im not sure on what the current best spec is for that(definately not what I have him set to right now). I know the games in not so great shape at the moment but all games, even WoW on release take a while to get organized and make the game funner. Theres also 70 gold on an alt on the server Dagoth that was from my previous account and was transfered over. ----------------------------------------------- [W]hat im looking for: World of Warcraft Specifications: 70, warlock or rogue or hunter, PVP, must be OO. Doesnt have to be transferable but is prefered. Please contact me on AIM or via PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.