WTT: Trading sick LoL account 109 champs, insane amount of skins, for WOW account.

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    I'm looking to trade my league of legends account that I have put a ton of time and money into, for a WoW account I prefer a Druid, or a Paladin, PVE, or PVP geared, the more vanity the better, will look at all offers. I'm the OO of the league account have control of e-mail etc. The account has a ton of skins and 109 out of 112 champions purchased, 9 rune pages, all the runes you should need. If you have an account with some nice vanity hit me up, I love things like realm firsts, rare mounts, achievement points etc. I will however accept a nicely geared Pally, or druid regardless of vanity PVE, or PVP. AFTER POSTING HERE FIRST. Contact me on , or aim with offers. : TradingaMage AIM: [email protected] POST HERE FIRST A TON OF SKINS I have put a ridiculous amount of money into buying skins, I like vanity stuff. I'll try to list them all, but I'm sure I will miss some. I have a skin for almost ever character in the game. Ahri: Foxfire Ahri Akali: Stinger, Crimson (Legacy), Bloodmoon. Alistar: Golden Matador, Unchained , Infernal. Amumu: Pharoh, Sad Robot. Anivia: None Annie: Wonderland (Legacy), Reverse Annie, Panda Annie. Ashe: Fjord, Amethyst. Blitzcrank: Piltover Customs, Iblitzcrank. Brand: None Caitlyn: Officer, Safari (Legacy), Ressistance. Cassiopia: none Cho'Gath: Battlecast Prime(Legendary). Corki: Red Baron corki (legacy), Hot rod, dragonwing. Darius: Bioforge. Diana: Dark valkyrie Dr. Mundo: Corporate mundo (legendary), Mr Mundoverse (legacy). Draven: Soul reaver. Elise: Death blossom. Evelynn: Shadow, Masquerade (Legacy). Ezrael: Pulsefire (legendary / theme), Nottingham (legacy), frosted. Fiddlesticks: Suprise party Fiora: Royal guard. Fizz: Fisherman fizz. Gangplank: Special forces, toy soldier, spooky. Garen: Dreadknight. Gragas: Scuba (legacy), Vandal. Graves: Mafia, Riot (playerup.com, or live event such as PAX). Hecarim: Headless hecarim (Halloween) Heimerdinger: none Irelia: Frostblade. Janna: Victorious janna (season 2 reward for gold or above) Jarvan 4: Commando, warring kingdoms. Jax: Angler (legacy), Nemesis Jayce: Full metal jayce, Debonair. Karthus: Phantom Kassadin: Harbinger Katarina: Mercenary, sleigh bell. Kayle: umasked (legacy), Aether wing (legendary). Kennen: Arctic ops Kha'Zux: Mecha Kog'Maw: monarch, Lion dance (Legendary). Leblanc: none Lee sin: Dragon fist Leona: Iron Solari Lulu: Dragon Trainer Lux: Sorceress, Steel Legion. Malphite: Shamrock (Legacy) Malazhar: none Maokai: Totemic, Haunted. Master Yi: Ionia Miss Fortune: Secret agent, Mafia. Morde: Infernal Morgana: Blade mistress Nami: Koi Nami. Nasus: None Nautilus: Abyssal Nidalee: Pharoh, Leopard (legacy) Nocturne: Eternum. Nunu: Grungy, nunu bot(legendary). Olaf: Brolaf (legendary). Orianna: Bladecraft. Pantheon: Full Metal. Poppy: None Quinn: none Rammus: none Renekton: none Rengar: predator Riven: Battle bunny, championship, redeemed. Rumble: Rumble in the jungle. Ryze: Dark Crystal. Shaco: workshop shaco (legacy) Shen: Yellowjacket (legacy), warlord. Shyvana: Darkflame Singed: Surfer Sion: None Sivir: Pax Sivir (as expensive as a legendary on playerup.com) Skarner: Earth rune. Sona: Arcade sona. Soraka: celestial Swain: arctic Syndra: none Talon: Crimson Elite, Dragonblade. Taric: Bloodstone Teemo: Cottentail, Astronaut (legendary), Panda. Thresh: deep terror Tristana: Rocket girl, Firefighter (legendary) Trundle: none Tryndamere: none Twisted Fate: Underworld. Twitch: Kingpin (legacy). Udyr: none. Urgot: Robot. Varus: Arclight. Vayne: Heartseeker. Veigar: white mage Vi: Neon Strike Viktor: none Vladimir: Blood lord (legendary) Volibear: Northern Storm Warwick: Firefang. Wukong: Volcanic. Xerath: Battlecast. Xin Zhao: Viscero, Winged Hussar, Warring Kingdoms. Yorick: none Zac: none Zed: Shockblade. Ziggs: none Zilean: none Zyra: Wildfire. AFTER POSTING HERE FIRST. Contact me on , or aim with offers. : TradingaMage AIM: [email protected] POST HERE FIRST
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