WTT: Trading or Selling GEARED WoW Druid for AOC Account or $ - ID Scans Provided.

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    POST BEFORE CONTACTING POST BEFORE CONTACTING POST BEFORE CONTACTING 5800 GS Feral PvE 5650 GS PvE Balance 5200 GS PvE Resto ID Provided On Sale All 3 CD Keys Provided On Sale $170 Paypal ALSO INCLUDING -ID Scan -Fully paid warcraftmovies PREMIUM account (paid for a year, worth $25) -Fully paid 1 month of skill-capped (worth $5) -Fully paid Pirox Bots *ELITE* (Worth around $50)... This has NEVER been used on the account. Use at your own risk! Loads of Heroic264 Gear For Balance / Feral Basic PvP Gear For All 3 Specs :Titles: The Kingslayer Bloodsail Admiral Champion of the Frozen Wastes Jenkins Matron Twilight Vanquisher of the Ashen Verdict of the Nightfall the Argent Champion the Explorer the Noble the Patient the Undying :Mounts: Bronze Drake Red Proto Drake Bronze Drake Swift Zhevra X-53 Touring Rocket :Currency: 1000 Gold 44 Frost Emblems 12 Triumph Emblems 24 Champion's Seal 482 Arena Points 11,000 Honor Points 47 Stone Keeper's Shard 30 Wintergrasp Mark of Honor :Reputation: Exalted Argent Crusade Exalted Kirin Tor Exalted Knights of the Ebon Blade Exalted Ashen Verdict Exalted Wyrmrest Accord Exalted Explorer's League Exalted The Frostborn Exalted Valiance Expedition :Skills: 450 Alchemy 450 Enchanting 375 First Aid 236 Fishing 146 Cooking :Extra Info: Multiple pieces of level 60 t1/t2 gear Need to sell ASAP (Quitting WoW) AIM: skillzer00 : [email protected]
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