WTT: trading my LoL account (na) for a gw2 account(details inside)

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    im looking to trade my league of legends na account for a gw2 account heres what my LoL account has on itwhat it has on it: 90champions around 15 skins 3rune pages list of skins: Dynasty Ahri Midnight Ahri Silverfang Akali Frosted Ezreal Sorceress Lux Spelltheif Lux Exiled Morgana French Maid Nidalee Gothic Orianna Redeemed Riven Battle Bunny Riven Royal Shaco Pentakill Yorick Then there's the unchained alistar and riot tristana skins. it is currently bronze 3, never been played since the new rank system i would really love to trade it for a gw2 account, lots of friends have played and i simply do not have the money to purchase the game to join them i would prefer the gw2 account to have some decent currency/a high level. but its fine if there isn't just msg me here please. thank you contact me here, or on . Chris Okoniewski (or tysukiomi) the gw2 account MUST be playable on NA(unsure if there are server restrictions, but just putting that out there) you MUST also be willing to give me the account information firstpw for the league account, you will NOT recieve the email its linked to UNLESS you give me the email yours is linked to first.
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