WTT: Trading full Tiamat Geared Sorc Siel- NA- Elyos

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    Trading my level 60 TS geared elyos sorc for any decently geared level 60 chanter, archer or templar. (They have to be elyos , doesnt matter what server also gear doesnt have to be super good just fair enough) Gear atm: Vasharti Orb +15 Full MB / secondary - Vasharti Tome Noble colliseum Champion;s bandana c2 55, Noble colliseum champion's pauldrons c2 55, Also have Tiamat gaurds shoulder pauldrons, Tiamat Gaurd's Tunic Tiamat Gaurd's Leggings Tiamat Gaurd's Gloves Tiamat Gaurd's Boots Accessories: Raksha's turquoise earrings - eternal Cursed forest earrings - fabled Kahruns turquoise ring x2 Kahruns Sash Wings: Ancient Spirit Wings Great sorc for pve and pvp. All greater stigmas unlocked and using wintry armor/sleep storm build atm. Pm me or talk to me on : devilstar142
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.