WTT: TOP WoW acc for similar quality AoC acc (EU)

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    As per title, got my WoW acc I wanna trade for an AoC equivalent. Acc consists of my Enh Shaman and Feral Druid/SPriest/Mage alts (lvl85/85/80/78) Shaman has cleared all normal Cata raids and downed 5HC bosses, will stroll into a top guild. Has many unobtainable items/mounts/titles like Amani War Bear and Black Prot-Drake, titles like 'the Immortal', Hand of A'dal, 'the Undying', and ****load of others. Over 220k gold on this account. Almost 11k Achievement points (+10700) Ridiculous number epic of novelty items. 2k+ arena xp. 45 Exalted reps. Maxed out proffs including titles 'Chef' and 'Salty'. Level 85 Orc Shaman | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory Druid is now my farming alt but has 2.3k arena xp as resto (from WotLK). Now geared as a PvE tank and has raid-ready gear. SPriest I haven't bothered leveling since Wrath. Likewise the mage. Top account and WTT with a similar AoC one. Post here if 1st if interested, just wanna gauge interest. Thx
Thread Status:
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