WTT: Tiamat Asmo 55 Cleric/56 sorc/40 Sin/ 30 rng/ 30 chant/30+ glad for Anything KR Ely

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    Just want something new msg me here or ( Name: Necrofurry) Cleric: Lvl: 55 Gear: Full 40E full block +10 Full Fenris ( MB/MAGAC) Weapon: Elder Staff c/w Elder Saff (+10) FULL MB ON STAFF AND 940 2% GS 55 C2 MACE (unsocketed) W/ ANUHART ELITE SHEILD ( FULL BLOCK) STIGMAS: BOTH DPS AND HEAL SPEC TREES ASSASIN: LVL: 40 (TWINK) GEAR:+10 kasikas claw (para GS) +10 Expert noble durable adamantium sword (silence GS) FULL 50E set in warehouse AND full lvl 30 deava set Sorcerer: Lvl: 56 Gear: 40E +6 /w MB +25 Stigmas: Both stigma Trees Ranger: Lvl: 35 Gear: Expert Noble Gear all +10 Gold bow with full Green manastones (Att/Crit Strike) Chanter: Lvl: 30 NO GEAR Gladiator: Lvl: 35 Gear: Full gold armor and weapon for its lvl - - - Updated - - - Have pictures of everything if you wish to see it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.