WTT: SWTOR Early release with 50 sorc, 50 PT, 50 Operative and 50 jedi guardian

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    Sorc is a dps has the infernal title and mount almost full augmented gear 3 BH/2 Colomni and the rest rakata, 400 biochem, 400 bio anaylsis, 400slicing also has the matrix cube and most datacrons at least all the usefull ones only around 10 left to collect, 2 million credit speeder that is now unavailable with just over 1 mill credits. Operative is a healer with the infernal title, some BH items with few columni and the rest rakata all augmented apart from one relic, 400 biochem, 1 million credit speeder now unavailable. PT is columni geared tank just used for 400 armormech for augements making nothing special about it. Jedi guardian dps has a few BH/columni with mostly rakata fully augmented, 400 biochem, matrix cube for dps and all datacrons collected a lvl 20 commando and few other low lvls. Looking for a good amount of gold for EU D3 but other offers may be considered. EU server the red eclipse server at lvl 45 legacy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.