WTT: Splizzard and Legit555 2 Man 2k elo Boosting Service!

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    plizzard and Legit555 2 Man 2k elo Boosting Service Hello, My name () is Splizzard and I am going to be joined with my friend Legit555 to do a 2 man elo boosting service. This will be unbelievably fast unlike ANY OTHER booster. What we are here to do is get 2 orders at the same time and each take one and boost it in a duo queue. We are both Diamond Players and play all roles, for maximum carry power. The Price is cheaper than most too! In solo queue i have been able to get a customer order from Silver 1 to Gold 1 in just 2 days! Think what we could do in a duo queue! If we are to only have one order at a time for some reason, we will wait a day for another order, if no order comes in one of us will play on it while the other is on our main, of course we will still duo(= TO START IT OFF: We will be doing a discount to get wrap in some orders!20% discount to the first 4 orders. 10% for the next 4! Boosting Prices Bronze D5->D4 25$ Bronze D4->D3 25$ Bronze D3->D2 25$ bronze D2->D1 25$ Bronze D1->Silver 30$ Silver D5->D4 30$ Silver D4->D3 30$ Silver D3->D2 30$ Silver D2->D1 30$ Silver D1->Gold D5 40$ Gold D5->D4 40$ Gold D4->D3 40$ Gold D3->D2 40$ Gold D2->D1 40$ Gold D1->Plat 5 50$ Contact info : You are to contact me on my : NathanbehrensFTW The payment will work like this: You pay me half of the order, and Legit555 the other half. You do not have to pay all of it right away either! Via PayPal I have been boosting for a while now and got some orders done, i have used other sites as well I.E. LoL-Academy so i do not have that many vouches as i dont contact the player. But i have a few that i boosted on this account; however Legit555 is new to boosting as i proposed this interesting offer to him a couple days ago and we realized we could do this very easy. vouches: (message me for links of match history.) Quote: Originally Posted by Solarisinferno Real competent player. got me from gold 4 to gold 2 in just 1 day! Really cheap compared to others especially for how fast it was! Definite vouch Quote: Originally Posted by ynnkim Definitely recommended, got me from Gold 1 to Plat 5 in only like 3 hours. Here's a sample match history. Cheap and fast and reliable, what more could you want? :) Originally Posted by FallenAngel80 bump and vouch Originally Posted by dennismck Defiantly legit, was a bit worried at the start duo to a lack of vouches and took a gamble, it paid off. I actually was spectating their game(s), they literally carried from a feeding bot lane and jungle. One could say they 2v5d the game. Here is the proof of their game (The orianna/Tf games) Recommended, look forward to trading again.
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